Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pian Formosa

From Vittorio Veneto to Belluno spreads a spectacular cycling area: the Cansiglio altopiano, Lago di Santa Croce, the conch valley of Alpago, and Nevegal.  You're spoiled for choice and can't go wrong.  Today I revisited a spot I haven't seen since 2010, Pian Formosa.  I warmed up on this Novemberish September morning on Via Pedemontane and headed upward at Sarone toward il Cansiglio.  After crossing the altopiano I turned right at Pian Rosada, a gorgeous fir forest.  This ends up at Col Indes, with an eye-popping panorama of the Alpago conch.

I descended to Tambre and turned right toward Pianon.  Now you are on Via Cate, a cliffside  panaramica road  following the contour line along western Alpago.  At the turn off for Pian Formosa head steeply upward.  It's less than 2 km but makes you work for every inch, topping out around 1200 meters.

I headed home directly through the Cansiglio, skipping Col Indes and Pian Rosada.  Descending to Sarone something popped off of my bike as I sped over a big bump.  Looked around awhile and found my Garmin Oregon in the weeds.  I figured it was toast but it didn't miss a beat.  Heavy, but tough.    

Alpago panorama from Col Indes

Monte Messer

Pian Formosa

Monte Messer close up

The high pastureland of Pian Formosa

Sarone La Crosetta climb; I refused to use
the 34-34 gear out of vanity

Pian Formosa climb

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