Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pala Barzana - Piancavallo

The forecast called for more rain so I planned to stay home, but suddenly Il Meteo updated, it was only partly cloudy and cool, I could ride!  I rode to Maniago, up through Fora Colvera, Poffabro ( where a festival was drawing crowds), and then over Pala Barzana.  More festivals by Andreis till I reached the main road to Barcis.  Over the dam and behind the lake to the climb for Piancavallo.  This back route is underrated:  14km of 6.6% is no joke.  At the top I opted for the main road because of my late start, but it wasn't too crowded.  Maybe the cool temps moderated the touristic hoard.  

Good workout on some trusty old companions. 

Monte Raut with Pala Barzana antennas cropped out 

Monte Resettum from top of Barcis- Piancavallo climb

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