Thursday, September 28, 2017

Nevegal da San Boldo

This long hilly traverse from Passo San Boldo to Nevagal is one of the prettiest rides I know.  After the pass you descend to Campedei then again climb steeply toward Pianezza, a beautiful altopiano surrounded by fir forest.  Continuing northeast, more steep climbing followed by a fun plummet to Valmorel.  After Tassei you reach Piandelmont and climb steeply to Ronce, with several lovely forested stretches of strada bianca.  More climbing to Nevegal, where you begin the long descent to Quantin. After the Quantin cemetery turn onto the narrow steep lane down to Roncan.  Turn right and descend yet more to Cornelade and the shore of Lago di Santa Croce.  From here easy ride back down to Vittorio Veneto.  A classic.

Note: had GPS issues so I'm showing the map from a couple of years ago, which is mostly the same.  I did get a screen shot off the Garmin:  track distance is wrong, should be 72km

Above Campedei

Along the road from Campedei to Pianezza

Pianezza farmhouse

View from Pianezza-Valmorel road

View from above Tassei 

Asini near Ronce 

Monte Dolado from Quantin road

Alpago from Quantin road

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