Friday, August 25, 2017

Via Guitcillo da Montanara

This is an all-time favorite climb.  From Montaner take Via Guitcillo da Montanara up to a barrier before the last house at 830 meters.  Now you must portage through the blackberry thorn tangle to the next dirt road at 865 meters.   Follow the dirt and concrete roads until you reach the main highway coming up from Vittorio Veneto.  Turn right on the highway and soon you see turn off on your right for Col Oliver Picnic Area.  This is a fun dirt road eventually connecting to Strada Patriarche from Villa di Villa.  Shortly you reach the main highway coming up from Sarone/Caneva.  I headed to Sarone then home.  Had a flat at Gorgazo spring, so had a nice view while I changing the tube.  

This ride is also good for MTBing  but the portage is lighter with Fedaia.  And she made it all the way up non-stop.  Amazing.

Long winding road to Col Oliver

The climb up Via Guitcillo da Montanra

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