Sunday, August 27, 2017

4 Hills

A lovely Sunday so I tried to stay under the radar and avoid the August crowds.  First I rode to Fanna and then up the steep road to San Lorenzo.  This is only rideable on Sundays and holidays.  At the top I turned steeply downward to Val Colvera and then cruised up to the junction near Poffabro and Frisanco for Val Muie.  Great fun riding this curvy saliscendi.  At Navarons I headed across the Meduna and up the main road to the turn off for Campone.  Lovely curvy road, slightly uphill.   

At Campone starts the second climb of the day up to Piani di Clauzetto.  Another descent brings you to    Pradis di Sotto where you start the third climb, this one up to Pradis di Sopra.  Immediately you head down the shady valley along Rio Forno, climb up another contrapendenza, then down to Pielungo and Torrente Arzino.  Lots of bathers trying to beat the heat dipping in the cold river.

Now the final big climb of the day, the back road up to Val Tochel, above Monte Prat.  Absolutely deserted, miles of gorgeous forested mountains, and the spectacle of Monte Flagjel and Monte Cuar.  From here the fun descent from Monte Prat to Forgaria.  The ride home was quite warm, with slightly cooler air on the breeze.  Great workout.

Monte Rest from near Monte San Lorenzo

Reclaimed cement quarry of northwest Monte San Lorenzo

Pretty house along the plummet to Torrente Arzino

Monte Cuar above Val Tochel meadows

Monte Flagjel connected by a ridge to the west

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