Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sella Sompdogna

I haven't returned to this gorge since May 2011.  Not sure why as it's a fantastic climb, but I have.  Today I parked in Resiutta and rode SS 13 to Chiusaforte.  Here I located the Alpe Adria bikeway, which follows the old train route to Tarvisio.  I bailed out at Dogna and began the 18 km climb.  It's saliscendi early on, with numerous side canyons, eventually entering a rocky landscape ending with 5 km of 8%.  The sella is the end of the road, though I've heard with a MTB you can descend to Valbruna where pavement resumes.  Must return here more often than once every 5 years.

Waterfalls along the gorgeous Alpe Adria bike route

Julian alp peaks to the south.  You can ascend from
Chiusaforte and see them from the Pian di Montasio side 

Long climb but with much variety

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