Thursday, July 20, 2017

Passo Cason di Lanza

A classic Carnia climb: beautiful rugged landscape, miles of deserted twisty steep roads,  sun baking you as you climb, followed by a hypothermic descent.  Paradise.

Today I climbed from Paularo  after a warmup from Moggio via Tolmezzo.  The valley of Torrente Chiarso to Paularo is a gorgeous ride in itself, with countless variations: would be great Autumn riding.

I almost made it to the pass without collapsing but had to stop and rest about 2 km from the top.  It's humbling, some days you can make it but sometimes you can't.

All that is forgotten on the exhilarating descent, so steep and twisty you will be begging to get off before it's through.

I meant to include Selle Cereschiatis and Val Aupa on the return to Moggio but I was beat.  Instead I rolled down SS-13 il Pontebbana to my car park:  all through traffic uses the Autostrada so you have this wide beautifully paved road almost to yourself.

Must return soon, do the Illegio climb and try to descend the dirt road to Lovea, or maybe another spectacular ride.  Carnia will spoil you for choice.

Monte Zermula 2143 meters

Monte Pizzul 1985 meters

The climb

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