Saturday, July 15, 2017

Monte Pizzoc from Via Patriarche

This climb starts in Villa di Villa at Cordenons.  Head up past Castello di Cordenons onto the long shady road to the Carbonaia, where they were having a big barbeque.  The whole zone is covered in big faggio (beech) trees, keeping the sweltering sun at bay.  Before long you join the road coming up from Sarone and then La Crossetta.

After a brief descent turn onto the road for Monte Pizzoc.  After a bit of climbing you pass through an area of even older-growth faggi about 5 feet in diameter, the real patriarchs of il Cansiglio.  Then onto the grassy pastureland surrounding the summit.  Wonderful clear air up for viewing the mountains, the plains, and even the shimmering Adriatico on the horizon.

The descent is long and a bit hyperthermic even in mid-July.  I felt slightly high on mountains the rest of the afternoon.



Alpi Bellunese

Laghi Revine 


The long road down

The climb

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