Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Forcella di Giais

This morning I rode Fedaia up through Bornass and Castaldia to the gorgeous valley at Candaglia.  The gravel road is rideable at first, then after Casera Medico becomes intermittently impossible on a road bike, until after Casera Valfredda I gave up trying and just pushed.  After awhile you reach the turnoff for the three radio towers which I avoided, continuing on the hiking trail.  I've snowshoed up here so it's familiar.  The trail descends down to Forcella di Giais, where I went left so I could ride the bike home.  Soon it began descending very steeply, which startled me because I have MTB'ed up it and it seemed much easier.  It's simply too rough/steep for my 28mm tires. 

Finally this torture ended and I joined the road to Barcis at Pian delle More.   Fun descent with fantastic scenery.  At the lake I clipped on front and rear lights to traverse the tunnels home.  Wonderful ride and hike.

Candaglia  altopiano

Monte Cavallo Gruppo to the north

At this pass you first see Monte Ressetum above Claut

Wild rhododendron

Right takes you directly to my house,
left is the bikeable route

Forcella di Giais,
(also visible from our back window)

The bikeable path/road to Lake Barcis

Looking north from lakeside

The southeastern view

The climb from Costa to Forcella di Giais

The gravel road through Candaglia

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