Friday, May 19, 2017

Monte Dolada

 I try to visit this climb every year to see what kind of shape I'm in.  After a long ride down to Vittorio Veneto then up to Passo Fadalto, you ride along the beautiful shoreline of Lago di Santa Croce.  Shortly afterward you start climbing up through Pieve d'Alpago and Plois.  Now starts the mountain road to Dolada.  It's very steep and seems like it will never end.  By the end at 1500 meters I was reduced to a quivering bowl of jello.  It's odd because I normally struggle on this climb but finish ok.  I usually follow it with the ride to Tambre, Il Cansiglio and descent to Sarone.  Today I had to take the easy road back through Vittorio Veneto and Cordignano.  But it's good to know the truth and not be deluded.  Now I can adjust my goals accordingly.

Peaks along northeast rim of Alpago

Gorgeous conch-shaped valley

Lago di Santa Croce flanked by Monte Pizzoc and Col Visentin

Climb stats

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