Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brake Pad Contamination

The other day coming home from Valle di Preone I noticed my fourth bottle of gatorade was  nearly empty so I stopped at the fontana in Pinzano for a refill.  I was very tired and clumsy so when I opened the lid a few tablespoons of artificial orange sugary liquid splashed on my rear wheel.  I refilled the bottle and shoved off home.   An hour later when I rolled into the cortile I hit the rear brake and it honked like an angry goose.  I laughed and went inside to recover.

Next day I wiped down the rotor with alcohol and it looked clean but when I test rode it, same honk.  A second cleaning didn't help either.  So this morning I took off the rear wheel and the pads were not only sticky, they were worn down to the limit.  Luckily I had some new pads and after  cleaning the area around the rear forcellina I changed them: honk fixed.  I've had brake pads contaminated by brake fluid (or mineral oil) before but this is the first time with sports drinks.  It's a jungle out there.

Worn pad left, new pad right

New pads installed

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