Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mezzomiglio - Monte Candaglia - Piancavallo

Over Passo di Fadalto and up the eastern shore of Lago Santa Croce to Villagio Riviera.  Begin climbing moderate switchbacks, which soon become quite immoderate.  It's an endless series of long steep ramps which wear you down almost to collapse when suddenly you reach the meadowy altopiano Mezzomiglio.  Spectacular views of the alps from here.

Next I headed down a very nice packed stone trail to a wooden forest house.  I continued on looser stone trail until the junction for Palughetto and Tafferel.  Two mountain bikers from Belluno showed up and chatted.  I told them I was going to Tafferel and they recommended not going on 28 mm slicks. I've done it before, but it's been raining a lot lately, so after some thought I changed my plans. Instead I rode down the paved road to Palughetto and then took the main road to Pian del Cansiglio.  From here I rode steeply up to Casa Forestale and Monte Candaglia.  That was a beautiful climb.

Next I rode the Panoramica Piancavallo - Cansiglio.  So gorgeous and completely deserted.  At Piancavallo I descended to Rifugio Bornass, enjoying the spanking new asphalt.  I was tired so I coasted down to Madonna della Monte and Costa, then climbed home.

Great ride!

Belluno alps above Mezzomiglio

I Fanghi 1530 meters (above Valle Friz)

Valle Grande above Dardago

Mezzomiglio climb stats

Panoramica Piancavallo Consiglio climb stats

Combined climbs sat map

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