Monday, January 16, 2017

Lower Valcellina

Il Bora (our cold northeast wind) is kicking up today but I tried to get in a short ride on Maxima.  I intended to ride along the Cellina river embankment but missed a turn and rode down into the dry river bed instead.  This turned out to be quite fun because the usual wet spots are frozen so you can ride the whole way.  Didn't slip down any, but the rear wheel did break through the ice once into shallow water.  From below Montereale I continued under the old railway bridge, under the new highway bridge and finally exited at the narrow old bridge between Vajont and San Leonardo.  From there up to the hydroelectric plant where the aqueduct from Barcis Dam supplies an irrigation canal network.  The ride home was great with the Bora at my back, spinning the biggest gear on the flats.   Fun unplanned ride.


Old railroad bridge connecting Sacile and Gemona

Aeration fountain at the irrigation canal head

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