Thursday, January 26, 2017

Castello di Toppo

I was making a little loop through Meduno, Travesio and Arba when I passed under Castello di Toppo and suddenly turned toward the climb.  It's on the south flank of Monte Ciaerlac: all these years I've never tried it, not sure why.  The route I took was a hiking trail and I quickly hopped off Fedaia to push.  Before long it was too rocky to push so I picked the bike up and carried it.  I considered stashing it in the brush temporarily to save energy but decided to haul it to the top in case there was a rideable road down.  Good call.  

At the castle I took some pictures, very impressed by the condition of the ruins.  It's in great shape.  Next time I'll try climbing up on the paved road which I descended today.  I'll try it on Maxima because the road has some +20% stretches.   

Read more about Toppo here: 

Arco entering the castle

Inside the rampart walls

Wall Detail

Wide view of the extensive outer walls 

I think this may have been the tower 

Well-preserved high south wall

Westward-facing structure 

View from the southeast

The chiesetta, Monte Raut in background

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