Friday, January 20, 2017

Fiume Veneto

Il Bora has calmed to a normal 10-20 kph wind, and daytime temps are generally slightly higher than 0°C.  It's time to begin training for Spring.  Decided to try a flat ride, this time to the southeast.  Down to Cordenons then east to Zoppola, where I crossed SS13 and headed west to Fiume Veneto.  The first frazione of Fiume Veneto I encountered was Pescincanna, along the river Fiume.  A few more km and I was in Fiume Veneto proper.  I then headed down to another frazione Bannia.  Each had a nice church and bell tower so I took some pictures.

I was doing good heading back toward Zoppola then went astray.  Not a total loss though because I found a shortcut through Murlis.  Have to use that next time.  The road returns to Cordenons  crossing the Magredi nature preserve.  This is a beautiful area if you are ever near San Quirino or Cordenons.  

San Michele Arcangelo church at Pescincanna

San Nicolo' Vescovo in Fiume Veneto

Fiume Fiume at Fiume Veneto

Campanile at Bannia

Perpeuta e Felicita Church, Bannia

The Magredi's beautiful wild grassland 

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