Friday, May 6, 2016

Via Buscole / Col Indes MTB

I tried this on my road bike a couple of years ago but had to push the bike halfway up the hill.  For me it's too steep and slippery for anything but a MTB.  I warmed up from Sarmede through Vittorio Veneto to Lago Santa Croce.  After climbing killer Via Buscole at Spert I continued gently climbing through Broz  to Sant' Anna then up the ramp to Col Indes.  Great views from here.  Returned via Pian Rosada, Il Cansiglio and Strada delle Patriarchi to the car park at Villa di Villa.  Exhausted.

Fara d'Alpago is all set for the Giro stage in 2 weeks.

The washed out bridge on Via Buscole.  It seemed easier to
scramble across the 2 streams today, despite carrying a heavier bike 

Had to dismount to get past these 2 tree falls

View east from Col Indes

View northeast from Col Indes

View north from Col Indes

View north from Col Indes 

View northwest from Col Indes

View west from Col Indes

Via Buscole

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