Sunday, May 22, 2016

Campagnolo Zonda First Impression

Decided to upgrade the wheels while I was at it.  The old Racing 7's have been great wheels but I figured I would hand them down to the old Merckx and try some Campy Zondas.  Yesterday I mounted them and rode them around our village to get the derailleurs adjusted to them.  This morning was their first real ride.  

I rode down to Conegliano and found a new (to me) road up into the prosecco hills above town.  It's a gorgeous area with many bike rides.  I ended up in a place called Rua di Feletto and after some touring around I began descending.  After awhile I realized I had been near the Castello di Conegliano but I was already down the hill.  Some pics of my prior visit are here .

As for the wheels they feel wonderful.  The reduced rotating weight felt like the whole cogset had been shifted up a cog: each gear felt a little easier than usual.  Acceleration also seemed easier, as if I had a lightened flywheel.  Really nice and surprisingly inexpensive.      

Prosecco vineyards of Rua di Feletto

They look nice too

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