Monday, May 16, 2016

Dardago + Mezzomonte

Another day of unpredictable weather.  Looked like an impending hailstorm one moment, and a burst of sunshine the next.  I rode down through Castello d'Aviano to the plains below Budoia, then headed up the long gentle climb through Dardago, past Belvedere, Chalet and San Tome to end of pavement at 582 meters.  I coasted back down the hill, and then certain that I would get soaked, continued down past Gorgazzo to Coltura.  

Here I turned up toward Mezzomonte, so steeply at first I had to stand and pedal, and then just less steeply enough that I could manage it seated.  At Piazzetta Nuvolone (485 meters) I turned around and coasted down  Made it all the way home with no rain, very lucky.

Pianura from 528 meters above Dardago

 Dardago climb

Mezzomonte climb

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