Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monte Mulon MTB

Overcast morning, threatening to rain any minute.  Luckily it was just bluffing. I rode to Meduno and up to Forchia Meduno then to the turnoff for Campone and Monte Valinis.  Here I started up a dirt road toward Monte Mulon.  The steeper bits were concreted, but still an excellent workout.  There was a latched gate marked "private property" at 928 meters and it was all snowy from there on so I turned around.  Took some pictures first though, including bear tracks in the snow.  Very cool to see those, I think they may be the first ones I've seen in Italy.  Good ride, I'll try again this summer.

Karstic outcropping below the summit

The snowy cloudy summit

Bear prints

Pussy willows?  Don't know

The climb from Meduno to 928 meters

Climb up the dirt road from Campone/Mt Valinis junction

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