Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alpago Cansiglio

Great ride along the pedemontana to Vittorio Veneto, north to Lago di Santa Croce, up twisty SR422 from Farra d'Alpago to Tambre, across the Cansiglio forest and alto piano, then back down to the pedemontana at Sarone.  Hardest ride I've done since the collarbone event and I felt it. Definitely need to work harder this Spring to prepare for those long summer rides.

I apologize for lack of photos but it was sunny/hazy in Alpago then huge black storm clouds in Cansiglio.


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  2. Ci siamo incrociati?
    Io sono salito da Vittorio Veneto e dopo una sosta al bar sul Pian del Cansiglio sono sceso per Sarone.