Thursday, March 24, 2016

Col Alto Monumento ai Partigiani MTB

I've tried to reach this monument a couple of times but always end up somewhere else.  Today I finally nailed it.  It's atop a treeless summit and can be seen for miles around, especially the billowing Italian flag.  I rode from Rugolo up to Dal Cin, but it's much easier from the Carbonai park along Strada dei Patriarchi (the way I descended).  It's a beautiful spot with a great view, and a moving inscription on the monument, commemorating 406 Partigiani killed by Italian fascists in the latter part of World War II.

Monument at 866 meters

The flag, normally billowing, seems torn by the recent high winds.
The Alpini will fix it soon

Visentin and Pizzoc

The wall from Rugolo to Chiesetta Alpini

From Rugolo to summit

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