Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sesto al Reghena

This is another town I've driven past 100 times but never stopped to see.  I rode there in the midst of our first cold snap with temps down below 0℃.  Bundled up so it wasn't too bad.  Down through Pordenone and Azzano Decimo to Sesto, where I quickly found the castello and Abbazia Santa Maria in Sylvis, a Benedictine Monastery founded in 730 AD.  This is a beautiful place and I got so carried away taking pictures I almost froze.   Finally I tore myself away and rode as fast as I could to generate heat.  I think I was almost back to Pordenone before I felt good and warm.  I'll try to return when warmer and also visit inside the Abbazia which has some great artworks.

The gate tower on west end

Lovely ceramic mural piece 

The east gate tower

Peacocks strutting around the grounds

The bridge to east gate tower

Nice cantilever design

Gate and campanile

Arched windows of the Abbazia

Detail of window arch column

The Abbazia

The old Municipio (town hall)

Some lovely frescoes on east end of Municipio

Another angle of the castello gate tower

Fiume  Reghena

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  1. All the pictures are lovely. Glad you didn't freeze. It's in the 50's here. We were able to finish some work on our new porch and shutters.