Sunday, January 24, 2016

Passo Monte Rest

A strange ride for late January in northern Italy.  After I climbed above the overcast from Lago di Redona the sky was suddenly crystal clear, windless and though still frigid, felt like October.  No snow, no ice, not even frost, just the tawny, golden color of dry grass.  As I headed up the switchbacks I met only one soul, a hiker who waved and said "Tag!"  I was wearing a balaclava and Oakley's but somehow he knew I had German ancestry.  

At the deserted pass there was no snow, and looking at the summit above it was the same.  I rode down the north side a bit and noted the Carnic alps have some snow, but sparse.  This could all change in a week or two though so there's still hope.

The ride back down and home was fun.  I may try this as a loop coming back over Selle Chianzutan.  Never did that in winter before.

Monte Rest, left, and Monte Valcalda, right, from Maleon

Close up of snowless Monte Rest

Close up Monte Valcalda

Summit of Monte Rest from the pass

The hill to right of pass has bear caves with surveillance cameras

It's a good workout

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