Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lago Ca'Selva

Overcast and cold with leaden skies: the perfect day for a ride.  I rode past numerous falo' bonfire preparations, a Celtic rite which has now been attached to Epifania.  At Meduno I headed north then crossed the dam at Redona, then rode along the lakeshore to Chievolis where I crossed Torrente Silisia.  Here you head steeply upward for awhile before beginning a series of saliscendi for an awesome workout.  Pavement ends at the dam, so I headed toward home.  Somewhere along in here it began to sprinkle lightly, just enough to get all my gear wet but not enough to freeze me solid.  This is a perennial favorite ride and never disappoints.

View west, water level very low

Normally submerged ancient dwellings

Northwest exposed submerged dwellings

Close up with stone walls marking old fields and pastures

Eastward down rugged, remote  Val Silisia

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