Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Marina di Pisa

A week on the Tirrenian Sea coast, near Pisa.  We stayed at Camp Darby on the edge of an umbrella pine forest.  It's a sort of wildlife preserve with dark brown deer and wild boar.  Good views of them at dusk coming to feed at the edge of their shady wood.

Today I rode up the coast to Marina di Pisa, at the mouth of River Arno.  This road is a bit over-commercialized with dozens of beach entrances, eateries, etc.  Still nice if you focus on the natural flora and fauna preserves separating beach from road.  

Ex-American Beach at Tirrenia; the new owner calls it Kokito

Beautiful marble facade of Marina di Pisa church

A net fishing shack at mouth of River Arno

Another, slightly larger with two nets

Attractive project at Molo Nord jetty, Marina di Pisa.  
They're making a dune flora park atop this concrete seawall

The yacht harbor

The mouth of the harbor

A park built on a disused railway or tram
through the pines along the coast 

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