Friday, June 26, 2015

Torre pendente di Pisa

I've been to Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa a couple of times before but never on a bike.  Turns out it's very easy- a nice uncrowded road until you get downtown,  and it's even a shorter ride from Camp Darby than Marina di Pisa.  There are lots of tourists of course but I don't blame them for wanting to see the place- it's gorgeous.  I walked the bike around because of the crowd and everyone seemed cool with it.  Fun morning outing.

San Piero a Grado is on the road to town.  It's where Saint Peter arrived in Italy in 44 AD.
There are some ancient remnants of an older church inside from 100-300 AD,
but this Romanesque basilica dates from 1200-1300

Liked this statue near the leaning tower 

The campanile 

The baptistry

The beautiful duomo: if you go, must see Pisano's pulpit inside

The cittadella, part of Pisa's renaissance fortifications along the Arno

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