Sunday, June 7, 2015

Val Silisia MTB

I thought about trying the ride from Claut via Forcella Clautana to Val Silisia today but the forecast called for afternoon rain and I wasn't sure I had enough time.  So I decided to try riding up Val Silisia as far as I could to preview the route.   

Through Valcolvera, then down Val Muie, up to the road for Lago Redona and then I turned left toward Lago Ca' Selva.  After crossing the dam at Selva I headed up the dirt, then paved, road to Panuch.  I continued down to lake side, where a dirt road (with some concrete and paved sections) climbs and drops repeatedly along the lakeshore, finally reaching the white water of Torrente Silisia.  

After crossing a bridge you join the Strada degli Alpini trail, which switchbacks all the way up to Forcella Clautana at 1432 meters.  I tried going up a little way but was so tired my momentum was insufficient to clear a protruding rock on the trail.  I fell and the bike and I tumbled 2 or 3 meters down the steep embankment before being saved by some saplings.  A little further along the trail looked rideable again so I went maybe 100 meters before I was toast.  At this point (700 meters) it was clear I wasn't going to complete the remaining 730-meter elevation gain, so I took some fotos and headed down.   

The ride back was the same saliscendi along the lake, then the climb up the west side of Panuch.  I made it up the climb-out from the dam but my legs were rubber.  The rest of the ride I crept along slowly till I eventually made it home.  Later this summer I'll try the full route from Claut. 

Lago Redona dead calm

Close up of mountain reflection

Trees along Lago Redona

Near the top of Lago Ca' Selva; there are many submerged
stone houses from the years before the dam was built
The point where torrente becomes lago

Cascades of Torrente Silisia from ponte 

Lago Ca'Selva with mountains to east

Shady stretch of white water

Strada degli Alpini climbing steeply upward

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