Monday, January 26, 2015

Val di Torrente Leale MTB

I drove to Alesso near Lago di Cavazzo and took off on my MTB.  The ride begins on the road to Val di Torrente Palar, which I explored last October.  Today after the steep initial climb to 520 meters I turned left onto a gravel road.  Great fun riding through the wilderness, level at first, then with many switchbacks.  Eventually I reached the first sign of civilization, Malga Amula at 750 meters.  No one there today but on weekends and in summer it's likely occupied.  

The road begins to saliscendi for a few km, dipping down to ford streams one after another until eventually I reached a much larger stream, Torrente Leale.  I forded it once, then again, and I think 2 or 3 more times before beginning to climb upward again near Malga Cuvii.  More switchbacks now ascending to 830 meters.  At a junction I could have turned right toward Malga Cuar but I was already fried.  I'll try that next time.  Today instead I continued mostly level, then descending to meet the paved road from Avasinis to Cuel di Forchia.  The paved road was fast and steep, and soon I was back at the car.  I will try next time from Cjanet or Monte Prat and try to reach the malgas up near the dorsal ridge connecting Monte Cuar and Monte Flagjel.

Stavoli di Forchia di Amula 

Malga Amula

The first ford across Torrente Leale

Monte Amariana 1905 meters

Monte Piombada 1744 meters

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