Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fortezza di Osoppo

Overcast with scattered showers today, but I've been getting cabin fever and had to ride.  After warming up to Pinzano I pedaled up Strada di Bottecchia past Peonis.  Turned right at the little suspension bridge to bypass Trasaghis, then crossed the long bridge over the Tagliamento.  Immediately after the bridge I turned right again toward Osoppo.  Here the flat river plain is interrupted by a 300-meter-high morainic hill with World War I fortress on top.  It's been fixed up nicely for visitors, with handrails so no one plunges from the parapets.  The panoramas would be magnificent on a clear day, but today all was whiteout.  Just before descending I noticed the rear tire went flat again.  I'm switching from latex tubes back to butyl.

Rode home via the Tagliamento bridge at Cornino.  After a little more rain and a couple hours of pedaling I was home, wet, cold, tired, but happy.  

Hiker/biker bridge north of Peonis

Swift clear water of canal 

Lovers' locks on the bridge

Artillery emplacements at fortress 

Large artillery emplacement higher up on fortress

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