Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What a glorious day- cold but clear and calm.  I rode through Fregona to Sonego, then up the steep hillside to Ciser.  From there the road traverses some woods to a wide open  meadowy area, spectacular on this crystal clear day.  From the high point, a dairy at 560 meters, the Adriatico was shimmering to the south.  I continued descending to Piadera, then an asino farm and acres of prosecco vines.  As you would expect, the deadly-steep climb up from Vittorio Veneto is much easier when descending, though watch your speed on the rough, broken concrete road.  The perfect weather lasted all the way home, making the climbs feel almost effortless.   

Grassy meadows above Piadera

Left, old stone quarry; right, the woods toward Ciser

Right background, the hillside you traverse MTB'ing to Casa Cadolten

The dairy at 560 meters

Osservatorio astronomico; should be very starry tonight 

Asini at Piadera

Baby asino on left seems quite sleepy in the warm sunshine

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