Friday, November 28, 2014

Monte Costa di Paladin MTB

Another turnoff I've passed many times but never ridden.  I warmed up climbing from Tramonti di Sopra to Passo di Monte Rest (7.5 km averaging 7.5%).  At the turnoff onto the gravel road, a young fellow was using a crane to stack logs on his truck.  He asked if I was doing a giro (loop) and tried to help by warning that the road was blocked ahead, but I said I'd just turn around when I reached the barricade.  The road quickly gets steep switchbacking and then climbing along the ridgeside to 1415 meters (4.6 km averaging 8.9%).  I carried my bike over an obstacle as the man had mentioned, a small avalanche across the road.  Other than that the only delay a was fallen tree whose big limbs had to be crossed carrying the bike, but no problem.  Maybe further along something bigger like a landslide was blocking the way?

Anyway above 1400 meters the slight drizzle got a little harder and the road confusingly began descending with switchbacks.  I needed to look at the map but wasn't going to get it soaking wet, plus my turnaround deadline was nigh (Marilyn needed a ride to the store), so I turned back.  I'll try this again next Spring.  Pictures I've seen of the view from Monte Costa di Paladin (1700 meters) are pretty dazzling.  

Turn left on this road after crossing Passo di Monte Rest

Casera Feletta

Fiume Tagliamento; in background Monte Bivera (2474 meters) 

The avalanche

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