Sunday, November 2, 2014

Croce d'Aune

Finally made it to this famous climb.   I left home late and parked in Feltre on the road for Pedavena. This is a good short warm-up as it gently slopes up to start of the climb at 350 meters.  The next couple of kilometers are quite steep so I took it easy.  The roadway is very wide and well-paved.  Eventually the gradient lessens somewhat and the road winds up a densely forested mountainside to Croce d'Aune (1022 meters).  I didn't even slow down though: I continued climbing up to Monte Avena (1267 meters).

From Monte Avena I couldn't find the road down to Ponte Serra, where I'd intended to ride up the busy highway to Ponte d'Oltra then climb up Croce d'Aune from the west (the hard side).  So I followed the only road I saw (unmarked) which descended back to the Pedavena-Croce d'Aune road at 719 meters (junction marked Col Melon).

I was running short of time now so I did the next best thing- climbed back up to Croce d'Aune and took some photos a short distance down the west side.  I'll have to come back and try the full climb from the west later.  As it was I had a great descent to Pedavena, where lots of folks were out enjoying the fine weather.   Will come back here soon.

Mountains to northeast from Monte Avena

Mountains to north from westside of Croce d'Aune

View northwest from Croce d'Aune

View west from Croce d'Aune

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