Friday, November 21, 2014


Rode my Merckx to Travesio and then up Valcosa to Clauzetto.  From Clauzetto I continued climbing toward Pradis di Sopra (Orton), but turned right at 720 meters on road for Zuaniers and Ropa.  Shortly afterward I turned right again: can't remember if it was marked but there's photo of the junction below.

This narrow forest lane meanders up and around through logging waste to 757 meters.  A man driving a tractor pulling a large tree trunk stopped to tell me to "sta attento al lavoro."  Very nice of him to stop and warn me; further up the road some men had the road half-blocked chopping tree-falls.

The lane is paved for the most part until near Corona, where it turns to dirt, though still road bikeable.   Some nice restored stone farmhouses surround a grassy meadow at Corona, then you arrive at the paved road from Vito d'Asio to Madonna della Neve which I climbed last year.  Lovely ride home on this sunny fall day, though I was tired from the climb.   

Note: Installed the 1995 Campagnolo front brake on the Merckx last night and ops checked it on these descents.  Works great. 

Unmarked turn off on road to Zuaniers 

Hiking trail to parish church San Martino: must try it

Start of San Martino trail: later it's flanked by thousand-year old walls

Monte Pala above to north

View west of Monte Cavallo

A wider view of Monte Cavallo gruppo

To east: Monte Cura left, Madonna della Neve
right (tiny white spot)

Friendly dogs at Agriturismo Paradiso

Dirt road from Corona joins road to Vito d'Asio

The dogs sat down to wait while I took some pictures

Hungry baby asino hoping to get some milk

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