Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Val Postegae MTB

Nippy morning- a few degrees above freezing.  I took Marilyn to get some blood tests, then brought her home and decided to drive to Cimolais instead of riding from Giais.   After parking I pedaled up the beautiful road along Torrente Cimoliana to the turnoff for Rifugio Pordenone.  Instead of turning toward the rifugio I continued straight on the gravel path to Casera Meluzzo, a shelter in a gorgeous wooded, grassy valley like the Ponderosa.  The valley turns east and becomes the gravel riverbed of Torrente Postegae.  Eventually the gravel path ended and the CAI trail appeared to head up along the lower slopes of Cima Brica.  But I was done  climbing for the day so I took some photos of Monte Pramaggiore (2478 meters) and turned back to the car.  Fun descent along the gravel and dirt road.  This area is a must see for anyone in or near Pordenone Province.   

Monte Castellato (2336 meters)

Pala Grande (2385 meters)

Towers peaking over the corner of Cima Meluzzo 

Looking up Val Monfalcon

From Val Postegae looking back at the
 forest of campanili along the horizon

Looking east up Val Postegae toward
Monte Pramaggiore, dusted with snow

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