Sunday, October 5, 2014

Forcella di Monte Zogo MTB

Wonderful climb today.  I parked in Segusino, northwest of Valdobbiadene on the Piave River.  I didn't allow myself enough distance to warm up before the start of steep climbing.  I'd recommend doing a few kilometers along the river to warm up.  The first 7 km average 8%, with some 12% stretches, a vigorous effort.  After Miles the pavement ends, and the second stage of the climb begins:  steep gravel/dirt through the forest for about 4.5 km, averaging 10.5%, with sections in the high teens and higher.  This is the hardest part of the ascent because of the loose surface and loss of traction.

Now the forest gives way to Monte Zogo's open grassland; shortly you reach the forcella at 1270 meters.  It's a beautiful spot: mountainous forest sweeping down both sides of the narrow pass.   I was surprised to see the road now heading back into the forest to the northeast, with an alternating muddy and gravel rolling road.  This was a blast to ride because you could gain enough momentum on some of the downhills to get a good running start on the following uphill.  The fun lasts for 3.2 km until you reach Capitel di Garda, where I had climbed from Marziai in July.  

This is a better maintained road which follows the east side of the ridge above a deep, steep, forested valley.  I stopped and could hear bellowing stags also here: they seemed to be having a contest down in the hollows far below.  Toward the next open pasture area the road steepens as you climb to the border with Lentiai comune around 1200 meters.    Finally you reach Col Artent, a beautifully landscaped WW I battlefield park.  The paved descent to Lentiai is fun, then a long flattish stretch along the Piave back to Segusino.  Good cool down after an exhilarating ride!   

View of Zogo from a clearing

From higher up, a closer view of Zogo

Looking down at Miles: just getting there was a tough climb

Looking back at Forcella di Monte Zogo
(notch in ridge) from near Capitel di Garda

Junction of the rolling forest road with road to Lentiai

View of the Piave River and surrounding mountains

Col Artent gravestone of soldier killed in
November, 1918, the last month of WW I

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