Monday, October 27, 2014

Pian delle Femene

Pian dei Grassi and Pian delle Femene are two favorite climbs above Vittorio Veneto.  Today I tried to combine the two with a short connector at 1000 meters.

I warmed up on Via Pedemontane and entered Vittorio Veneto from Anzano.  I turned left onto the Valdobbiadene road and then turned right at Longhere onto the road marked Fais.  This is an excellent climb up through Borgo Olivi and Menegon and onward through the wooded mountainside toward Pian dei Grassi.  At 1000 meters I took a left onto a dirt road marked Valle Storta, which soon turns to concrete and descends steeply.  This connector road is great except for a short section of dirt/exposed rock which was tricky on the skinny-tired road bike.  If you climb it instead of descending, definitely use a MTB.

At 900 meters elevation you join the Pian delle Femene road which climbs upward a few km to 1127 meters.  I had some extra time so checked out the paved road toward Le Pose.  I'll try to MTB down that further another time.  Fast descent to Revine Lago and then the long ride home.  Now my legs are too tired to ride to school tomorrow.

Start of the connector at 1000 meters

Pian dei Grassi road continuing on up to 1181 meters

Pretty country house along the connector road

Junction with the Pian delle Femene road

View up the connector road

View east from Casera Lovere (beyond Pian delle Femene)

Forest lane toward Le Pose

View north down Canale di Limana

View west across the grassy hills

View northeast toward Casera Grava

View of Pian delle Femene area from the descent

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