Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mulattiera Valle Bornass MTB

Today's one of those days when it looks like it could start pouring rain any second.  I decided to stay close to home so I could hastily retreat if the clouds burst.  I rode down Via Pedemontana to Pedemonte and turned right on the road toward Piancavallo.  At 300 meters elevation turn right onto the dirt road.  It soon begins climbing fairly roughly and steeply, so you get the fun of constantly switching to the best track, with instant feedback if you make a mistake.  

At 420 meters there's a junction so I stopped.  I mistakenly chose the Percorso Circolare Santuario to the left, which is a nice hiking/running trail but steep and muddy, so my rear knobby was spinning (even when seated) and tearing up the trail.  So I retraced my path and resumed the gravel road to the right.  It got very steep at times so I had to walk a few meters but not bad.   Eventually I arrived at a restored casetta (570 meters) and then joined the paved road from Rifugio Bornass toward Costa.  There are MTB trails descending here but after walking a few meters down to preview them, I knew they were beyond my skill level: steep, muddy with half-exposed small boulders to weave through.   Maybe I'll try going up that way first to get some practice.    

This is a good ride and very convenient to home.  I'll have to do some variations soon.

Junction with Percorso Circolare Santuario running tail:
stay on the gravel road to the right on your MTB 

Casetta near the junction with Rifugio Bornass road

Rifugio Bornass road

Beautiful trail map made by the volunteers of MTB Ornedo Club

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