Monday, September 22, 2014

Mrzla Rupa MTB

I had a big giro planned, from Dolenja Trebusa to Oblakov Vhr, down the highway to Idrija, up the steep climb to Vojsko, and down through Gorenja Trebusa back to Dolenja Trebusa.  Then Sunday the weather forecast changed, with storms in Trebusa until 1000 Monday.  I decided not to drive down super early if it was going to be raining.  Then on the drive down there were roadwork delays on Slovenian highway 102 all along the way.  I reached Dolenja Trebusa and started riding at 1000.

The  rain had stopped and the skies were brightening, so I decided to ride up to Gorenja Trebusa.  Beautiful scenery through here, with waterfalls all along both sides of the gorge. I couldn't get a good picture of them though; you'd need climbing ropes to get close enough for a good photo.  At the meadowy area around Gorenja I decided to climb up to Mrzla Rupa, as I had last year in Trebusa .  The road is steep but paved at first, then hard-packed dirt and finally a looser surface.  Excellent workout.  At the junction with the road to Vojsko (899 meters) I turned around and headed back down.  The descent was fun and I made it back to the car by 1230.  Made it home in 2.5 hours, half an hour quicker than this morning's drive  Will return later for the climb from Idrija, possibly via Gorizia and Lokve.      

Near Dolenja Trebusa: the right fork takes you to
Preval Drnulk (760 meters)

Looking north from Gorenja; the left takes you
up to Preval Drnulk

Gorenja pastures along the Trebuscica

More Gorenja pastures looking west 

Gorenja from a distance

Close-up of church

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