Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cason di Lanza

Passo Cason di Lanza is a killer up near the Austrian border.  I haven't ascended it from the east (Pontebba) since 2010, so I'm long overdue.  After driving to Amaro (between Tolmezzo and Moggio)  I warmed up on nearly deserted SS13 to Moggio.  Here turn north and follow Val Aupa  to Selle di Cereschiatis: 12 gradual kilometers along Torrente Aupa then up through the forest for 6km averaging 7%.  It's a good workout, followed by a fast descent to Pontebba.

Here starts the Cason di Lanza climb.  This too follows a torrent gradually up the valley, then suddenly steepens for 10 km averaging 10% gradient, with several 18%-19% ramps. I used the 30-tooth cog on these.   At the passo there's a nice flat spot to catch your breath, then you plummet down the other side.  They've covered the numerous drainage channels with tightly-knit grates to prevent tire/wheel destruction.  But there is slippery logging waste on the road so watch your speed- I slipped on this stuff in a corner and skinned my knee.  

After a long descent you arrive in Paularo, then down the road to Arte Terme.  After Tolmezzo I took an interesting detour through Cavasso Carnico to avoid the very fast and busy SS52.  Finally reached the car at Amaro and drove home bone-tired.    

Monticello (1362m), Val Aupa

Passo Cason di Lanza alpine pond, Monte Zermula (2143m)

Cascate after Cason di Lanza

Near Austrian border after  Cason di Lanza

Torrente Chiarzo

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