Friday, December 27, 2013

La Crosetta da Cappella Maggiore

After our rainy Natale and Santo Stefano the rain stopped and I wanted to get one last ride in.  I picked the climb to Il Cansiglio from the Vittorio Veneto side.  I've only climbed it a couple of times, both times shortening it by starting from Osigo near Fregona.  Today instead I thought I'd try it from lower down.  After warming up on Via Pedemontana to Cordignano, I turned right at Pinidello and headed to Cappella Maggiore, following the signs for Fregona.  Now the road steepens to 8-10% and hovers around there for the next 12 km.  It's a very good workout though I really felt the lack of training from November/December.  At La Crosetta I donned my cold weather gear and headed down the steep descent to Sarone.  Never did thaw out real good the rest of the way home; had kind of a  dopey hypothermic feeling.  A hot bath seems to have fixed that.  Good ride- will try some of the adjacent dirt roads on MTB later.

Campanile di Osigo foreground; down the hill on the left is Fregona

Looking west toward Vittorio Veneto

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