Sunday, December 22, 2013

Aimless Wandering

I set out intending to ride a variant of today.  But our crystal-clear frigid December has changed to overcast, slightly warmer,  even foggy.  By the time I reached Coltura it was evident if I climbed above 300 meters I'd be socked-in, so I changed my plans.  At Fiaschetti I headed south to Sacile, then turned left on SS13 to Villadolt.  Got lost here awhile, rode down a nice dirt road through winter fields and fog until reaching paved road again at Ceolini.  After Roveredo I turned toward Castello d'Aviano, then headed through Aviano and Marsure till home.   Fun flattish ride; even familiar roads can surprise you.

Fiume Livenza at Sacile, with cormorant swimming along left bank

Love how they've left the riparian vegetation intact

A wood carver rode his bike down to this tree stump along the river;
he was using a wooden mallet with chisel to sculpt the tree 

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