Sunday, December 15, 2013

Casera Fraspedane

I'm sorry for the long absence- after climbing Sveta Gora I had a bout with a feverish sore throat, followed by a molar with infected nerve that needed  a root canal.  I lost weight and strength in the process, so now I'm battling back.  The weather has been cold but clear and I've managed a few flat commutes to school in Pordenone the past few weeks.  Today is my first real ride.

I rode to Meduno, then through 2 large flocks of sheep to Toppo and on to Travesio.  Here I turned left along Val Cosa to Paludea and the climb up to Clauzetto.  From there took the road upward toward Orton  (Pradis di Sopra).  Later at the side road marked Rope, Zuaniers, Fraspedane I turned right and began climbing quite steeply.  I don't know if I've biked this before, but around 1996 I remember driving to the turnoff on the dirt road for Monte Pala and snowshoeing to the top (1221m) with my terrier Rocky.  It was quite snowy and I remember carrying him back down part way because he was tired from pushing through the snow.  Today instead the worst I encountered was a layer of frost at Casera Fraspedane (839m).  I wasn't sure where this frosty road was headed so decided to save it for another day.  Also might try to mountain bike up Monte Pala next Spring.

I headed steeply down to Orton then back the way I'd come to Travesio.  Here instead of Toppo I took the Sequals-Arba route.  Somewhere along there I ran out of gas and just kind of slowly turned the cranks the last 20 km home.  If you don't use it you lose it, and now I'm back in rebuild mode.    

Turn right here off SP55, the road from Clauzetto to Pielungo

View northeast- Monte Gran Pala

North- Monte Rossa (1369m)

Northwest- Zuc di Santins (1309m) 

Casera Fraspedane with Monte Flagjel (1467m) in background

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