Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pala Barzana

Since Il Cansiglio road was clear Saturday, I thought I'd retry Pala Barzana.  Rode up through Valcolvera and turned left toward Valdifrina before Poffabro.  This a nice secluded road, with a stretch of 24% gradient to keep you on your toes.  After rejoining the main road a barrier said it was closed.  I kept going to check it out.  No snow but they are logging along it so lots of tree waste.  No problem on the ascent, and I soon reached the pass at 830 meters.

The descent was less littered, just the usual small branches, rocks left over from winter.  That is until around 700 meters, when I encountered a large chunk of road slumped downhill.  I hopped off and walked along the edge.  A few hundred meters later 3 large boulders the size of a Fiat Cinquecento or VW Beetle had fallen from the cliffs and were blocking the road.   I apologize for not getting a picture of these, but I thought another boulder might crash down while I was framing the shot.

The 4km tunnel under Monte Fara was a bit nippier than I expected, but I survived.  Good ride, but be careful between Bosplans and Pala Barzana.

I suspect this tree was pushed over by a bear trying to get honey

Pussy willow blossoms on the fallen tree

Backlit version

Monte Raut (2025m) with clouds

Bad slump on the descent to Andreis

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