Sunday, April 7, 2013

Il Montello

Il Montello is an Italian cycling mecca rising from the Piave River plain between Treviso and Conegliano.  The wooded hills were an important battlefield in World War I, and the combatants built numerous supply roads through the forest.  These have been retained, some paved and some dirt, and attract hordes of cyclists from the surrounding area.

I rode down via Cordignano and Godega di Sant'Urbano to Ponte di Priula across the Piave River.  From here I skirted the riverbank to Nervesa della Battaglia, where the Montello climbing begins.  I climbed to the ossiary where nearly 10,000 Italian soldiers are entombed.  I then rode along the Strada Dorsale, which follows the main ridge for miles, a beautiful undulating curvy road through the forest, with many chicanes.  There were hundreds of cyclists out riding with their clubs and da solo, like me.

I picked one of the dozens of side roads (called prese) and descended to Giavera del Montello, then headed onto the plain.  Got lost as usual but wasn't a waste because I found a magnificent church at Arcade, really seems like a cathedral from a big city.  I'll try to find a link and post it later.

Back on track, I retraced my steps to Pedemontane Pordenonese and home.  I'll have to do this again soon.   

WW I ossiary above Nervesa della Battaglia

Some of the beautiful farms along Strada Dorsale

Vineyards and olive groves

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