Sunday, April 21, 2013

Osservatorio Astronomico Montereale

Weather forecast called for rain so I resolved to stay indoors all weekend.  But a strange brightness appeared through the north window and I looked out the front door to find a patch of blue sky stretching to the southern horizon.  I pulled on my bike clothes and hurried away, down through Ponte Giulio to Vajont, Ravedis and Grizzo.  Here I headed up the steep road to Monte Spia and onward to Casera Val de la Roja.   A crowd had amassed here, with hikers heading up roads and trails in all directions.   I think it's a festival, maybe Festa della Mont?  I kept going on to end of pavement at the telescope dome (682 meters) and on a whim continued up the dirt/rocky road.  They've cemented the switchback ends, which is nice because those usually get badly rutted from tractor tires, heavy rain.  I made it up to 750 meters but the 12% gradient rocky road was too tough for me on skinny tires.  I may bring the pups here when the weather clears for a hike- very nice trail to Pala d'Altei at 1500 meters.  

I descended and the crowd was all down in the little park area to the north, maybe having lunch.  Great little climb and very close to home (5 km).

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