Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Viner Maxima RS

Bought this used bike- luckily the guy it was built for is about my size.  I did have to swap the 120mm stem with an old 110mm (and flipped).  Hopefully I'll limber up later in the season and be able to flip it back.  The seat mast feels about right- I've got a saw guide on order in case it needs 5 or 10 mm cut off.  He kept it incredibly clean so I'll try to avoid rain and mud and dirt or gravel roads.  Hopefully the Merckx with its temporary derailleur hanger will work for those rides until I can find a machine shop that will make a new one.


  1. Wow what a bike. I ride a Viner Perfecta and love it. A proper hand made Italian bike for the Italian mountains!

  2. sram s60 like me???
    viner maxima beatiful bike!!!

  3. Grazie!

    Questa ha Chorus 10.

    Mi piace moltissimo il tuo granturismo!

    1. campagnolo chorus 10 speed is ok, i have sram force, very good...
      for training fulcrum r7, for race sram s60...
      granturismo is a better buy of my life!!!
      (before i have a mortirolo, is a good bike for rookie)...

  4. Io non sapevo che Sram fabbricano delle ruote. Adesso vedo che hanno comprato Zipp Wheel Company. Buona notizia!