Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tre prove

Beautiful Spring day in February, with temps around 60℉. Time for some testing I've been putting off.

Prima prova: I took the Viner Maxima for its first spin. I was going to ride to Malnisio and up the little grade to Grizzo, then return home but I was having too much fun. So I continued across the Valcellina at Ravedis, past Maniago Libero to the big roundabout before Vajont, and over the new bridge toward home.

The Viner feels great- light, stiff and comfortable over the bumps. The steering feels a tad quicker than the Merckx. The top tube is a bit shorter and the handlebars are lower (because I have some spacers under the Merckx stem). I won't be able to really assess it until I do some serious climbing/descending. Maybe a few weeks.

Seconda prova: Hadn't ridden the Merckx since I installed the Wheels Mfg temporary derailleur hanger. So I cruised down to the library to pick up a book. Long story short- you can't even tell it's there. It's indistinguishable from the stock hanger, so I may just stick with it.  For $20 I may even get a spare.

Terza prova: I hadn't ridden at all since getting the flu a couple weeks ago. I was worried I might have a coughing attack, but no, felt fine. No more excuses for not riding!
Wheels Mfg temporary derailleur hanger

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