Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colline di Sequals

Decided to try a shorter stem I had laying around.  It's a 90mm Thomson stem, made in Macon, Georgia.  I needed to try it out so I rode out through Fanna to Meduno.  Then I turned south, went up and over  Colline di Sequals.  These hills are remnants of glacial moraines left behind after the last ice age.  They are like little island forests surrounded by a sea of plains.

Then from Sequals on to Arba and home.  The shorter stem felt better, but I think it's a little too short.  I'll try the 100mm off the Merckx next time and see how it fits.

Colline di Sequals from Monte Valinis (last year)

90mm CNC machined billet aluminum Thomson stem

Here's the 100mm Thomson stem installed- awaiting test ride

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