Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Val de Croda

Our weather has stayed nice the last few days.  Sunday I took a flat ride down to Arba and Tesis to continue familiarizing with the new bike.  Today instead I decided to test its climbing ability.  Headed down Via Pedemontane to the Centro Riferimento Oncologico hospital, and took a left over to Castello d'Aviano.  From here down past the railway crossing and over to Roveredo-Budoia road.  Then you cross the passagio a livello  again (95m) and the climb begins.  Over the next 8 km you gain about 400 meters, including 1.5 km of 10% gradient.  This was actually a challenge given the bike's low gear of 34 X 23. I stood in the pedals part of the way, and did seated grinding the rest.

The descent was fun- the upper part of the road is a little rough.  I nailed a big root protruding through the pavement a few inches and thought I would pinch flat for sure, but the tube held up.  There are some sharp fast curves- the Viner feels much different than the Merckx swooping through a curve.  I just need more time to get used to it.  On the long straight part of the descent the bike hit 70 kph.  It absorbed all the bumps like they weren't there- very comfortable.  It feels like it has built-in suspension.

On the ride home I met a guy with a white steel Pinarello and for a moment I thought it was a Dynalite.  But a closer look revealed it had lugs.  Beautiful frame though.

Maxi resting after her first climb 

Pass in the ridge stretching from Piancavallo to Piancansiglio

Croda or cliffs above Torrente Artugna
An online photo from a MTB trail from Piancansiglio to Piancavallo
 looking down at Torrente Artugna
( http://whitebrook.altervista.org/photogallery/Candaglia_p1/Photo_cansigliocavallo01.html )

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