Friday, April 15, 2011

Campioni del Ciclismo Moderno- Pordenone

Local cycling fans periodically share their extensive collections with the public.  Last year's show was Coppi-Bartali themed; this year it's a group of more recent champions: Anquetil, Gemondi, Merckx, Moser, Hinault, Indurain and Ballerini.

The exhibition was displayed in Convento di San Francesco, a restored 15th century nunnery.  I arrived punctually at opening time but it was locked, so I took some pictures of the lovely restored lunette frescoes.  Then I found the gate to the courtyard open (for access to a bar) and wandered among the arches and columns along the loggia.  I was surprised to find the doors open to the exhibit hall (the chapel of the convent), though the lights were out.  Shortly they came on so I started looking around.  A man appeared and asked how I got in- I explained and apologized.  He told me some things about the exhibit items, then left me alone with his collection while he went across the piazza to a bar.

The collection includes famous bikes, jerseys, tons of sports newspaper front pages (my favorite from July 1969 showed the moon landing headline in medium font, below a Merckx victory in huge typeface), sports magazines, cartoline, photos, palmares sheets, etc.  Pretty mindboggling.  There was also a video viewing room.   I only wish my friend Silvano would come up from Venezia before the exhibit closes next week- he'd love it.

Convento di San Francesco

Gemondi's Bianchi, Italian champion jersey and maglia rosa 

Moser's bike (note the oddly-shaped time-trial frame behind it)

Indurain's giro road bike (the frame sticker said Oria tubing, so
it's before the 1995 Dyna-Lite). 

Indurain giro time-trial bike

Left, Indurain's hour record bike from Barcelona;
right, another of his giro time-trial bikes

Indurain maillot jaune and maglia rosa

Merckx jerseys

Gemondi jersey

Moser jersey

Merckx jersey

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  1. Very cool.

    And it's interesting to see that the Italians give the locals news they can use over other things. Not all of us will be going to the moon... however, we can all get out on a bike and make ourselves a little healthier.